Comedian Jack Whitehall hands out exam results to GCSE students

Jack Whitehall

Comedian Jack Whitehall has surprised nervous GCSE students by handing out their results on live television.

The star, who plays young teacher Alfie Wickers in BBC sitcom Bad Education, described his own results as “mixed”, before presenting three students at Greenwood Academy in Birmingham with sealed envelopes containing their much-anticipated grades.

Despite his upcoming role in the Bad Education movie, a feature-length version of the series, Jack admitted he had “bombed in drama” at school, but added “hopefully these guys will do better”.


He told the students: “I remember being very nervous but you just need to keep telling yourself it’s not the end of the world if you mess up.”

As student Connor opened his results live on BBC news – including a pass in Maths, Media and merit in Construction – Jack exclaimed that he had “smashed it out the park”.

Principal Harry French, who has overseen the transformation of the Birmingham school from a failing performing arts college to one of the fastest improving in the country, said he was “really delighted with the journey we have made to this point”.

He added: “The kids here worked so incredibly hard this year. They have turned it around. They have worked so hard to make sure they succeed.”