Anne Robinson takes food from Supermarket bin for new TV show

Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson has been reduced to scavenging out-of-date food from a skip as part of her investigation into British spending habits for a new TV show.

The Weakest Link presenter – thought to be worth in the region of £50 million – visited a group of eco-warriors living in a wooden shack they have built themselves for £20 in a wood in rural Berkshire for new BBC documentary Britain’s Spending Secrets.

Anne, 70, joined her new Freegan friends on a trip to their local Waitrose car park, where they foraged through the bins to scavenge for disguarded food that is past its sell-by date.

The Watchdog host helped find salmon, feta and carrot houmous before a security guard discovered the trespassers and chased them away.

As they later tucked into a stew made from their findings – thought to be worth around £50 – Anne declared: “I went to boarding school, I can eat anything!” But she later admitted she missed her creature comforts and could not live like the group long-term.

Anne also visited millionaire builder Alfie Best to compare the spending habits between rich and poor. He revealed that despite his wealth he is still thrifty by nature.

And Anne met single mother-of-two Charlotte who has incurred £5,000 worth of debt trying to live a “footballer’s wife lifestyle” on just £213 a week of benefits.

Anne laughed at her spending £130 on face cream – prompting many to brand her a hypocrite as she has admitted to using Botox and having several cosmetic operations on her own face.