Listen back to live music, chat and features on the Weekend Edition

Weekend EditionAnother super busy Weekend Edition this week, on the programme

We discuss how experts predicting that by 2025 robots will be commonplace in society, there is a new selfie friendly passport card on the way , we'll have the details.

How many times do you check your phone on a daily basis? It is probably more than you think - we talk about Digital Detox

Gypsy Wagon TV has its own channel for artists to perform in Fintown, we'll hear more about it. A woman is searching for her long lost brother - we hope to help her out with an appeal

Apparently.. 71% of men think they have the best sense of direction on the road, we'll examine if this could possibly be true

Are relationship a thing of the past? There is a chat on that

There is also live music in studio with ' For Forresters'