Audio u[pdateKilmacrennan family face leaving house as Mica problem worsens


The urgency of the Mica crisis in Donegal has been thrown into focus again this week with news that a Kilmacrennan family will have to leave their home before the end of this year because it is becoming unsafe.

Speaking to Greg Hughes on the Shaun Doherty Show today, Patrick Scholes said that he, his wife and their two children will have to find an alternative home, while still paying the mortgage on their crumbling house.

Attempts are being made to source alternative accomodation, and the need for a government response and redress scheme is also being highlighted.

Patrick Scholes says it's an intolerable situation............

Cllr Mick Quinn is liaising with Donegal County Council on behalf of the Scholes family, and says this case is the tip of an iceberg.

He says between the council's assessment of its own stock and the number of homeowners affected, this is set to become an even more serious problem in the coming months............