One Direction’s new single: Fan reactions and what you need to know about the track

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One Direction really know how to cause a little bit of Friday mayhem.

They surprised fans and released a new single, Drag Me Down, out of the blue.

And the internet has all but crashed.

But what’s the new single like? And what are fans saying?

Here’s a run down and mini-review, and some fan wisdom to enlighten you:

1. It’s definitely a more mature sound for the band.

Cue crashing guitars, soaring harmonies and killer lyrics (quelle surprise).

My expressions when I heard the single of the new albumI have a feeling.. it's gonna be A great album #DragMeDown
— DragMeDown (@elen_cameron) July 31, 2015

2. Harry Styles hits a few high notes in the song and fans just. can’t. cope.

— rads grateful for ℋ (@amaranthinehesx) July 31, 2015

3. Zayn Malik, who?

#Awkward. Soz Zayn, but the fans don’t seem to be missing your dulcet tones.

'' 1D will flop without Zayn and might end in 2015 '' SORRY BUT WE CAN'T HERE YOU FROM THE TOP OF THE CHARTS #DragMeDown
— Harry Styles. (@nouirry) July 31, 2015

The new @onedirection song #DragMeDown is actually really good. I like them as a four-piece I think.
— Daren Pritchard (@darenpritchard) July 31, 2015

4. You can take ANY message from the song.

Because it was written for you. YES YOU. #sorrynotsorry

#DragMeDown I feel like its like a song saying to us thankyou for not leaving when everyone else is saying we will end and 1d will be over
— Ruth // PLS NIALL (@pop_ruth) July 31, 2015

but if you really listen to the words, #DragMeDown has such a deep meaning
— kaelin 23 (@touringlarry) July 31, 2015

5. Being a 1D fan is like being a proud paren.

So proud omg I can't even.. it's amazing ! #DragMeDown
— 28TH SEPTEMBER OTRAT (@SarahRyan1D) July 31, 2015

I just can't explain how proud I am of the boys! #DragMeDown is AMAZING!
— Crystal AC-1D (PCD) (@CrystalC_1D) July 31, 2015

6. But, seriously, is the beat the same as they’ve used before?

Are you guys deaf or what #DragMeDown the only thing they have in common is the clapping
— DRAG ME fUCKING DOWN (@Demsmuffin) July 31, 2015

7. Harry Styles’ high note in the song is already a hit.

One fan’s already compared him to Isaac Newton. In reply to a Tweet stating that Isaac was, “only 23 when he discovered the law of gravity”, one fan posted:

harry styles was only 21 when he hit the high notes in drag me down like a pro
— dani (@curlslads) July 31, 2015

And then on that high note:

Harry's high note got me like #DragMeDown
— DRAG ME DOWN WTF (@iLarryftTommo) July 31, 2015

Today is a good day to be a 1D fan.