Joule Donegal International Rally to be withdrawn from Tarmac Championship

Garry Jennings Sun

Highland Radio Sport can exclusively reveal the Donegal Motor Club have informed the T.R.O.A that they intend to withdraw the Joule Donegal International Rally from next years Irish Tarmac Championship.

The association announced last month that only vehicles in classes 1-5 will be able to score points for the overall championship.

Competitors running in class 7 which are WRC cars, will only score points in a new trophy section called the WRC Class 7 Trophy.

The changes which are seen as the most radical in years, will seek to have WRC cars replaced by the new ERC standard.

The Donegal Motor Club have released a brief statement this afternoon confirming their withdrawal.

“As from a meeting on the 1st July 2015, Donegal Motor Club having considered the detrimental implications announced by the T.R.O.A on 24th June 2015 noting changes to the championship points scoring system and excluding WRC cars from winning the 2016 Championship.

Donegal Motor Club has unanimously decided to withdraw the Joule Donegal International Rally 2016 from this Championship as it feels strongly this system would not benefit or enhance our event in this current form.

Donegal Motor Club has obligations to represent its members and competitors across the island of Ireland and the UK.”