SDLP Cllr claims funding could be pulled for new pedestrian bridge in Strabane

pedestrianbridgeFunding for the new pedestrian bridge in Strabane could be pulled.

It's after members of Derry Strabane Council voted again, for a fourth time, for the bridge to be named after former Sinn Fein Cllr Ivan Barr.

The Department of Social Development have provided £2.3 million for the construction of the bridge, but SDLP Cllr Patsy Kelly says this was only with the agreement that the bridge wouldn't be named after someone with political ties.

Cllr Kelly says if the bridge is named after the late Ivan Barr, then this could result in a huge hole in the councils finances:

But Sinn Fein Cllr, Karina Calin says this is just the latest tactic from Cllr Kelly not to have the bridge named after Ivan Barr...