Buble admits ‘complications and ugly things’ in marriage


Michael Buble and his wife have "complications and ugly things" in their relationship.

The 'Haven't Met You Yet' singer's spouse Luisana Lopilato - with who he has 22-month-old son Noah - insists her life isn't as much of a "fairy tale" as people think as they just lead a "normal" existence.

She said: "I always read things on social networks - they tell me that I'm living in a fairy tale. I have the family I've always wanted to have, but I don't live in a fairy tale.

"We're a normal family with complications, beautiful things and ugly things too. We're not a rare or unusual family. But I see the family that we are and that's what I've dreamed of since childhood."

The 28-year-old actress and model added she finds it tough that the couple's busy schedules make it hard for them to have a set routine in their family life.

She told US OK! magazine "There's no routine in our life and that's hard but you get used to it. Luckily my husband has everything organised in advance, but as an actress, one day I'm in one place and the next in another.

"I take my suitcase, my son and go everywhere."