Blow for Donegal Motor Club members as TROA make radical changes to Championship

Garry Jennings Sun


Garry Jennings and Rory Kennedy won the Donegal International Rally at the weekend but as from 2016 onwards, future Donegal winners who compete in a WRC car will not be allowed to fight for the Irish Tarmac Championship title.

The T.R.O.A have announced that only vehicles in classes 1-5 will be able to score points for the overall championship.

Competitors running in class 7, which is Garry Jennings Subaru,  Declan Boyle’s Fiesta and Donagh Kelly’s Focus, will only score points in a new trophy section called the WRC Class 7 Trophy.

Interestingly, the above mentioned are all Donegal Motor Club members.

The changes which are seen as the most radical in years, will seek to have WRC cars replaced by the new ERC standard R5’s.

It’s understood the Donegal Motor Club will now meet to discuss the changes.

The proposed changes still have to be approved by Motorsport Ireland.