Irish Water promise better drinking water in Lettermacaward and Killybegs


Irish Water has confirmed that the two drinking water treatment plants at will be upgraded.

The upgrade will eventually mean a long term clean drinking water for these areas.

The utility says this will ensure sufficient clean drinking water to the West Donegal region, including the area supplied by the Glenties/Ardara Public Supply.

The current supply providing water to the area is on the Environemntal Protection Agencies Remedial Action List.

And the water quality there is deemed not suitable for providing a long term drinking water supply.

Irish Water says all untreated drinking water sources are vulnerable to high rainfall, catchment runoff, sewage and animal waste.

The raw water supply in Lough Anna and the other source in the area are vulnerable to Ecoli, Coliforms, cryptosporidium and pesticides that are potentially harmful to human health.

And the they say significant treatment of these raw waters is required is needed to meet the required standards set out in the drinking water regulations.