Referendum tallies from both Donegal Constituencies


10.20 - So far in Donegal North East, tallies say it's looking positive for the Yes side, with Yes ahead by 55/45 with mainly rural boxes open. Donegal South West at the moment 58/42 yes, with about 30% of votes tallied.


10.40 - Donegal Council Chair John Campbell predicts a 'Yes' vote in Donegal South West, currently sitting at around 55% yes


11.20 - Donegal North East count continues, tallies show yes continues to maintain a slight lead. Predicting 55% yes final tally


1.20 - Very tight in both Donegal constituencies. Donegal North East showing  52.8% Yes, 47.2% No, with tallies predicting a higher Yes [ercentage in Inishowen than in Letterkenny, while in Donegal South West, very close to a final tally, and showing 50.8% Yes , 49.2% No


1.40 - Final Letterkenny tally suggests it's 54/55% Yes, Donegal SW still on a knife edge, with some boxes still to be counted in the Stranorlar area.