Just 33 votes in it in Donegal South-West, but Donegal votes Yes

FullSizeRender (1)Co Donegal has voted Yes to the Marriage Equality Referendum.

Taking into account the results from both constituencies in the county, 51.5% voted Yes, while 48.5% voted No.

There was scenes of joy at both count centres in Letterkenny and Donegal Town as the results were read out. At the Bonagee Centre there was tears of joy as dozens of people hugged one another, while there was similar scenes at the John Bosco Centre in Co Donegal.

Co Donegal had been tipped to vote No as they've done in referenda in the past. Some sections of the national media had predicted the county would vote No, while bookmakers Paddy Power had Donegal North-East as the favourites to have the highest percentage No vote in the county.

In Donegal North-East 52.5% voted Yes, while 48.5% voted No. In total 16,040 voted Yes, while 14,492 voted No. The turnout in Donegal NE was 51%, meaning 30,723 people voted in the constituency.

In Donegal South-West the vote looked like it could swing either way throughout the day, but the final result meant a victory fir the Yes side, just. 50,5% voted Yes, while 49.5% voted No. In total 15,907 voted Yes, while 15,874 voted No, leaving just 33 votes in it. The turnout in Donegal SW was 51%, meaning 32,051 people voted in the constituency.

The Mothers and Fathers Matter group has called for a recount in Donegal SW, but they later withdrew that request.