Declan Bonner says abuse of Michael Carroll is toxic

Declan Bonner 3

The fall out from last Sunday's Ulster Senior Championship meeting between Donegal and Tyrone continues

Much has been made about the off the ball behaviour of players during the senior game  and earlier this week, details emerged about some unsavoury behaviour during the minor game as well.

Declan Bonner - the Donegal Minor team manager - is the latest to join the debate

Writing in his column in the Donegal News - Bonner describes the abuse of his team captain, Michael Carroll as toxic

It's claimed two Tyrone players mocked the 17 year old about his father's death in February last year from cancer.

Bonner has said that if this is what's going to happen in games, he doesn't want to be part of it.

He added “I would rather walk away than be involved in something that has become so toxic.

“Sledging is part and parcel of the game now, but there are certain boundaries that should not be crossed.

"This whole thing has gone to a new level and in our minor game against Tyrone on Sunday, those boundaries were crossed to sickening levels.

“We all know that this goes on and I think everyone accepts that it just has become a big part of the game now, but when the verbals extend to the bereavement of a family member or a loved one, there has to be a line drawn.”

Brendan Devenney - the former county footballer - had claimed earlier this week that 'sledging' - was being encouraged by management of teams at all levels across the province

But in this morning's Irish Independent, former Tyrone defender, Ryan McMemanin - who is a selector with the Tyrone minors - insisted he would not encourage or condone the type of sledging that went on last Sunday.

And referring to what's alleged to have been said to Michael Carroll - McMenamin said he would never have gone that low and would never have told any of his players to go that low.