Strabane Doctor to appeal ‘rape drug assault’ in Derry

drkerrA doctor found guilty of assaulting PSNI officers while under the influence of a date rape drug will today appeal her convictions.

Dr Eireann Kerr’s bid to clear her name will be heard in Derry Courthouse.

Dr Kerr was last month convicted of a series of offences committed after she attended a Christmas party with work colleagues in Derry in December 2013.

The 32-year-old, who is originally from Strabane, insists she has no memory of the events.

A concerned Derry taxi driver had taken her to a police station, where she committed the offences.

She woke up in a police cell and upon release she went to hospital to get blood tests – an examination that found traces of date rape drug GHB.

The district judge who convicted her at Derry Magistrates Court said he had no doubt her drink had been spiked, but explained involuntary intoxication was not a defence in law.

As well as two charges of assaulting police, the medic was also found guilty of disorderly behaviour and resisting a police officer.

She was given a two-month conditional discharge.

The doctor claims the convictions have put her medical career at risk.

A high-profile campaign to clear the medic’s name has already attracted 8,500 signatures on an online petition.