16 of 19 bathing areas in Donegal deemed “excellent” by the EPA


The latest Environmental Protection Agency report into bathing water quality has found the quality of Irish bathing waters to be among the best in Europe, with 75% of the areas tested deemed to be of excellent quality.

19 bathing areas in Donegal were assessed by the EPA, more than any other county.

16 were deemed excellent in every respect, two were deemed good and one sufficient.

Portnablagh and Rathmullan were both deemed excellent when tested for E-Coli and good when tested for Intestinal Enterococci, deeming them an overall ranking of good.

Lady's Bay in Buncrana was deemed to be good when tested for E.Coli and sufficient when tested for Intestinal Enterococci, earning it an overall ranking of sufficient.

It is one of ten areas in the country to get a rating of 'sufficient', with the EPA noting that these waters remain vulnerable to episodic pollution which means they are potentially at risk of being classed as Poor at some future stage.

Seven locations across the country were rated as poor overall, with Irish Water saying the issues relate in many instances to sewage discharges where the infrastructure is inadequate.

It says projects are underway to bring the beaches up to the required standards - with some expected to be completed by Summer.