Study finds anxiety is the most common issue dealt with by Jigsaw

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A new study says anxiety is the most common concern raised by young people seeking help with mental health issues.

According to research by Jigsaw - low mood, stress and family problems were the other main concerns raised over the past six years.

There are 10 Jigsaw centres across the country, including one in Letterkenny.

The study also found a contrast between concerns raised by young men and women over the same period.

This report in the Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine details the trends from over 10-thousand young people who attended Jigsaw's mental health services since 2009.

Analysis of 2013's attendance figures found that anxiety is the number one issue affecting young people seeking help - but there is a wide variance between the most common concerns for boys and girls.

Young men are more likely to experience thoughts of hurting themslves, low self-esteem and feelings of sadness or loss -and experience anger and family problems.

Young women are more likely to experience anxiety and thoughts of hurting themselves - and experience isolation issues.


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