Donegal Domestic Violence service confirms employee hours are being cut


The Donegal Domestic Violence Service has confirmed that employees hours are being cut from next month because of cutbacks.

Yesterday IMPACT spokesperson, Richy Carruthers told Highland Radio News that staff at Donegal Women's Domestic Violence Service may be forced to take strike action.

He claimed that staff received letters informing them that their hours had been cut without any discussions being held.

But in a statement from Donegal Women's Domestic Violence Service said that numerous funding cuts since 2010 has eroded the ability of the service to sustain the cost of labour which employees have enjoyed up until now.

They say that the reduction in staffing hours now being proposed are essential and necessary as a cost containment mechanism ensuring that the organisation can remain viable and continue to carry out the vital work that it does.

The service say they've been working tirelessly of late in an attempt to secure additional funding in order to retain the service and the jobs as they exist but this has proved a fruitless exercise.