Nicola Wheeler teases her Emmerdale exit


Nicola Wheeler has teased that Emmerdale fans will have to tune in to find out if Nicola and Jimmy King part on good or bad terms.

Nicola is going on a business trip to Dubai as she tries to come to terms with the devastating news she is going through the menopause early. In real life, actress Nicola is going on maternity leave for six months, so her departure could see her character split from husband Jimmy (Nick Miles).

Nicola revealed: “It’s a big hoo-ha [at the airport] as to whether Jimmy is going with her or not. The thing for the audience is whether they part on good or bad terms. You’ll have to watch to find out if they stay together.”

She added: “If we do leave on very bad terms, I think it’d be interesting to play Nicola coming back and seeing whether they sort things out, whether they get back together or if they remain apart. Obviously they do have a child together so there’ll always be a connection.

“Nick Miles and I really enjoy our scenes together. We’ve got a great opportunity with our characters where they can be ridiculous in one episode and really touching in the next. I always think it’d be a shame if you can’t get that back. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with somebody I have to be too serious with!”