Donegal judge says thieves who steal mobile phones can expect no mercy

Mobile-phone-theftThieves who steal mobile phones can expect no mercy in court according to a Donegal judge.

Judge Kevin Kilrane gave the warning at Donegal Town district court this morning.

At Donegal Town District Court today Gerard Crosby of Drumeeny Upper, Donegal Town was jailed for four months suspended for two years, for stealing two mobile phones valued at E800 from a ladies handbag in a pub in Donegal Town.

The court heard Crosby stole the phones from a handbag in a pub in Donegal Town in March last year.

He then hid them at his home in a pillow case.

Crosby admitted having the stolen phones at his home in Drumeeny Upper, Donegal Town, on March 16 last year when gardai called to the house and rang one of the stolen phones.

Inspector Denis Joyce told the court that gardai were only able to trace the phone through an app in the ladies phone.

Crosby said he was drunk and could not remember what happened on the night in question.

But Judge Kilrane said the 39 year-old had no intention of returning the phones.

The judge said stealing phones was particularly nasty as people had valuable personal information stored in them.