Gardai will seek to adjourn Donaldson inquest for the 15th time

Denis Donaldson
Denis Donaldson

It's emerged that the state has applied to adjourn the Inquest into the circumstances surrounding the death of Denis Donaldson for the 15th time.

Solicitors Madden and Finucane say the family was informed that Gardaí would be applying to further adjourn the Inquest “due to their continuing investigations into the death of Mr Donaldson.”

Dennis Donaldson was shot dead at his cottage near Glenties in April 2006, four months after he was revealed as an MI5 intelligence agent.

In a statement issued on behalf of the family, Madden and Finucane say in the 9 years since Denis Donaldson was killed, Gardaí have repeatedly given assurances in relation to the scope, timeline and expected duration of their investigation together with when the Director of Public Prosecutions will ultimately direct on their submitted file.

However, the say as this latest adjournment application underlines, many of those undertakings have been proved to be utterly worthless and highlight the failure to hold the Gardaí to account for their conduct of this investigation.

Claims have also been made in relation to the readiness of the Gardaí to co-operate with the investigation currently underway by the Office of the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland into the circumstances surrounding the death of Denis Donaldson.

The family believe that Gardaí continue to withhold from the Ombudsman a copy of Denis' journal that was being prepared by him immediately prior to his murder.

For the family, the wilful obstruction of another Law Enforcement Agency's investigation into the circumstances behind Denis' death serves to further underline that the interests and rights of the Donaldson family are not respected or protected by the Gardaí