Suicide crisis assessment nurse appointed in Donegal



The Suicide Crisis Assessment Nurse service is being implemented in Donegal on a pilot basis.

The service allows GPs refer patients they believe to be at risk of suicide or self harm to a specially trained nurse, who will offer an assessment to the patient within 48 hours.

The service is being implemented in a number of GP practices on a pilot basis from Monday to Friday, with the intention of implementing it on a county wide basis with the appointment of a second SCAN nurse.

Kevin Mills is Area Director of Nursing for Donegal Mental Health Services. He says this is a very important service.............

Photo   L-R   Gerry Raleigh, Director HSE/National Office for Suicide Prevention, Dr. Cliff Haley, Clinical Director Donegal MHS  Anne O’Connor, National Director, HSE MHS, Eugene Duffy, Donegal MHS, Sarah Toye, SCAN Nurse, John Hayes, CO, North Western Area, Community Health Organisation, Anne Sheridan, Mental Health Promotion Officer, Kevin Mills, Area Director of Nursing, Donegal MHS John McCardle, Assistant Director of Nursing Donegal MHS.