Decision to scrap 12 courses at Magee in Derry “disturbing”

mageeUlster Univeristy’s decision to scrap a number courses at the Magee campus in Derry has been described as “very disturbing”.

In all 53 courses are being scrapped at the University of Ulster, with a dozen of these in the Magee campus.

Local lobby group University for Derry (U4D) - which is spearheading the campaign for thousands more undergraduate places in the city - said there were now fears that cutting courses here would result in fewer students from less well-off backgrounds being able to afford to go to university.

A spokesman for the group said there were already massive differences in the fees and other costs associated with studying in Britain, effectively barring many students from less well-off backgrounds, while less courses here meant there would more likely to higher grade requirements here.

The full-time degree courses going at Magee are: Irish History & Politics; Business Studies with Irish History; Computer Games, Modelling & Animation; Music and a number of dance and drama courses.

Part-time degrees being axed are: Irish History and Politics; Irish History with Psychology; American Studies with Irish History; Irish History & Society; and Dance.