Tyrone deny Sean Cavanagh was concussed against Monaghan

Sean-Cavanagh-ftTyrone have denied that Sean Cavanagh was allowed to play on with a concussion last Saturday night against Monaghan in the Allianz league.

In a statement they say the player was checked immediately as well as at half time and throughout the game passing all the necessary tests.

The statement reads "Sean Cavanagh sustained a knock to his forehead during the first half of the match on Saturday. He was immediately assessed for any evidence of concussion. On the pitch Sean was alert and reported no symptoms. He was able to answer all Maddock's questions confirming he was fully orientated. He was deemed NOT to be concussed and was allowed to remain on the field.

As concussion can be an evolving condition he was closely monitored by the Medical team who were satisfied his behaviour/ball handling/coordination etc were appropriate and he remained symptom free. At half time he was reassessed and passed full SCAT3 evaluation.

The Medical Team were satisfied throughout that Sean did not have concussion. In post-match interviews the term 'concussion' was used loosely from a non-medical perspective which appears to have lead to some erroneous conclusions. We trust this statement clarifies the matter."