23 reasons why we love One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson
Christmas is only one sleep away but before we immerse ourselves in the holiday festivities, let’s not forget today too is a very special day.

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has turned 23 and Twitter has taken the liberty of listing 23 reasons we all love a bit of Louis.
1. He’s not just a pretty face

2. Actually we think this might be Zayn but whatevs

3. Facial hair? That’d still be Zayn…

4. Well, it is what us Brits do best

5. This is obviously important

6. Erm…

7. Wet t-shirt contest?

8. They could actually grate cheese

9. His intelligence, clearly

10. Is there more than one way?

11. We don’t condone violence but…

12. Standard

13. Indigestion?

14. Pretty sure they’re Photoshopped

15. Werk it, sister

16. Is there a cute way to do this?

17. This is actually pretty cute

18. Attractive

19. Bit creepy…

20. (Doncaster)

21. Voice of an angel

22. And a smile of one too

23. And last but not least