Kiefer Sutherland sets his hitman sights on Santa

Kiefer Sutherland
TV tough guy Kiefer Sutherland looks as though he could ruin Christmas for everyone by pulling a gun on Santa.

The US actor, noted for his role as Jack Bauer in action series 24, plays a hitman who is hired to bump someone off in a new Sky Arts drama – only to find he needs to pull the trigger on Father Christmas, played by Stephen Fry.
Kiefer plays a regular guy who is weighed down with debts and family pressures and who is lured into crime as a way of making easy money when he hits a crisis point.

Viewers will learn whether he is able to go through with the killing knowing he will disappoint people around the world in the film, which reunites Kiefer and Fry who last worked together on 24: Lie Another Day.