Doctor tells inquest into death of Sligo mother: I would have brought her to hospital sooner

Sean and Sally Rowlette
Sean and Sally Rowlette

A doctor who treated a mother who died hours after giving birth says she would have brought her to hospital two weeks earlier had she been her patient.

Dr Heather Langan was speaking at the inquest into the death of Sally Rowlette at Sligo courthouse.

The 36 year old died after giving birth to her fourth child at Sligo Regional Hospital in February 2013.

Irish Times reporter Marese McDonagh is at Sligo courthouse.

"Dr Langan happened to be on duty the night that Sally Rowlette was taken in in February last year" she said.

"She's been describing the events of that night - but she's also told the jury she was her obstetrician in 2007 when Sally had her second child, and as we know on that occasion HELLP syndrome was diagnosed".

"She was asked 'would she have done things differently', and she said that yes she would have - because of the history and because of Sally's high blood pressure she would have taken her in two weeks earlier and induced her" she added.