Meeting told as many as 2,000 homes could be affected by defective breeze blocks

micaA crowd of up to 350 people attended a public meeting in An Grianan Hotel Burt last night and were told that up to 2,000 properties in north Donegal may have been affected by a crumbling breeze blocks.

Defective breeze blocks, which contain Mica can cause web-like cracking on the plaster of the house and lead to structural failings.

The Mica Action Group fear the scale of the problem could be far worse than first feared.

The highly-charged meeting evoked tearful and highly emotional scenes as a number of affected homeowners presented their personal stories - on one occasion Karl Murtagh from Convoy received a standing ovation from the audience and political representatives as he recounted the 'horror' of his personal story and the affect it is having on his wife and 4 children.

Commitment was given by all the political representatives in attendance to seek a resolution with government on this issue imminently.

The Mica Action Group thanked everyone who attended and urged those affected to continue the fight for a government inquiry and redress scheme, rallying the crowd in conclusion, stating 'we are not going to go away until every last block and house has been repaired!'