Deputy Padraig MacLochalin defends Sinn Fein Dail sit-in

marylouThe Ceann Comhairle has adjourned the Dail until 2 o'clock next Tuesday.

It follows a sit-in by Sinn Fein TDs during which the Dáil was suspended for 4 hours.

During Leaders' Questions, Deputy McDonald persisted in asking the Tánaiste Joan Burton about water charges - after the Ceann Comhairle asked her to resume her seat or leave the house.

TD's then voted to remove Sinn Féin's Mary Lou MacDonald from the chamber.

Ms McDonald sat in her usual seat in the chamber and was joined by six of her party colleagues, including Gerry Adams.

She finally left the chamber after the announcement of the adjournment.

One of those who sat in the chamber with Mary Lou McDonald, was Donegal Deputy, Padraig MacLochlain, he says they had no choice after the Government again failed to answer questions regarding water charges: