Gardai Inspectorate report vindicates SF position – Mac Lochlainn

Padraig MacLochlainn

The head of the Garda Inspectorate says it's time for the culture of "who you know" inside the Gardai to change, but it won't happen overnight.

Robert Olson was speaking after the publication of a report into the force yesterday, which found massive failings in how crimes are recorded and classified.

It ran to over 500 pages and also highlights serious systems failures and problems with training.

Chief Inspector Robert Olson says the Garda Síochána needs to return to independence, but that will take leadership from the force itself and the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, Donegal North East Deputy Padraig Mac Lochlainn, Sinn Fein's Justice Spokesperson, says the report gives the lie to the clam that recent government cutbacks were about modernising the force.

He says the inspectorate is very critical of the lack of resources to gardai, and that vindicates what he and others have been saying for some time........