Pieta House says 50% of those seeking help are Under 18

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Almost half the people seeking help from crisis centres for the prevention of self-harm and suicide are under the age of 18 - and one in five of them are 14 or younger.

The Irish Independent reports on findings from a new Maynooth University study which also show that one in 10 of those aged 14 and under, reported self-harming with alcohol.

The first service-based study of its kind in Ireland on deliberate self-harm focused on 823 people who, over a 15 month period, contacted centres in Dublin, Limerick and Tipperary run by Pieta House, a charitable organisation that offers free counselling. A campaign to set up a branch of Pieta House in Donegal is escalating with a meeting in the county this week.

Adolescent girls are the most at risk - more than seven in 10 of those contacting the Pieta House service after an episode of self-harm, or with suicidal thoughts.

Cindy O'Connor From Pieta House in Dublin says that the fact that more people are willing to seek help is a move in the right direction.................