The Apprentice’s Rob reveals a secret about his former team mate


The Apprentice saw both Scott the Scotsman and Rob the High Fashion Connoisseur do the walk of shame out of the boardroom after a bit of a shambolic second task.

Now Rob is no longer in the running to get his hands on Lord Sugar’s pot of gold, he’s let us in on a little secret about his former team mate, Steven “it’s-not-just-a-potato-it’s-an-experience” Ugoalah.

Apparently, the Canadian washed daily in vinegar – white wine vinegar to be precise.

“I was sharing a room with him and he would wash his feet and face with vinegar every night which actually stank out the room,” Rob told Digital Spy.

“I really don’t know [why he did it]. I wish I knew. Maybe it’s a new thing that will take the world by storm.”

The unorthodox regime is probably more likely to hit it big than any creepy surveillance cam jumper ever will.