756 new jobs created in Food, Tourism and Hospitality sectors in Donegal

hospitality-industry-food-wastageA total of 756 new jobs in the Food, Tourism and Hospitality sectors have been created in Donegal since the reduced VAT rate of 9% was introduced in July 2011.

The report from the Restaurant Association of Ireland compares the number of direct new jobs to a major local employer, revealing that the 756 extra jobs created in Donegal is more than 6 times the number of people also employed in Donegal by Donegal Creameries.

Speaking about the launch of the Report and the success of the reduced VAT rate, Adrian Cummins, Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, said 756 new direct jobs have been created in Donegal alone, with 21,633 new direct jobs created across the whole country.”

This, he says is a conservative estimate and does not include the number of indirect jobs created in the wider economy as a result of the multiplier effect. When that ios factored in, he says, the number of jobs created in Donegal rises to 1,104.

The report, which has been published ahead of next month's budget for 2015, says a net 15.8 million has been paid to these extra workers, with 1.7 million euro going to the exchequer in extra taxes and a further 1.9 million as a result of the employer's PRSI contribution.