Good Guy Braff gave his car away to waiter after getting hired to scrubs



Zach Braff gave his car to a waiter after landing a role in 'Scrubs'.

The generous actor revealed that he gifted his beloved Nissan 240 SX motor to a Mexican busboy once he started working on the hit television series as the lovable doctor John 'J.D.' Dorian.

He explained: "I was working as a waiter. I made about a thousand bucks. My parents gave me $5,000 and I put it all into buying a Nissan 240 SX. I loved that car."

The star started working in the eatery in 2001 to help fund his ambition to become an actor.

After receiving the news that he would soon be the new star in the NBC medical comedy-drama, the then 28-year-old actor gave his vehicle to his co-worker who was his best friend at the time even though the pair could barely understand one another.

He added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "He was Mexican and had about 10 words of English and I had about 10 words of Spanish but he was probably my best friend at the time."