Councillor says officials were forewarned of LKG Hospital flooding

flood9An Independent Councillor is calling on the local authority to 'come clean' on what it knew about the flooding risk at Letterkenny General Hospital.

In 2013, tens on millions of euro in damage was caused when floods hit the hospital with a second less sever flooding incident a year later.

Councillor Dessie Shiels says an independent report in 2002 stated that localised flooding of the car park and access roads was a risk with an expert pointing to the culvert as at fault.

"An independent report commissioned by the Council in October 2002 stated in relation to the hospital that “Donegal County Council has indicated that localised flooding of the car park and access road occurs during heavy rain” all of which the independent expert attributed to a problem with the culvert at Letterkenny General Hospital."

A meeting in 2006 was at risk of flooding from an over flowing river every 3 years.

“Letterkenny Hospital, Letterkenny - River overflows its banks once every 3 years after very heavy rain. The Hospital is liable to flood.” 

Councillor Shiels says it is clear the council new the risks before the hospital was built: