One in 10 young people who used Headstrong last year reported thoughts of suicide

headstrongOne in 10 young people who used a service offered by youth mental health organisation Headstrong last year reported thoughts of suicide.

Figures in Headstrong’s annual report result from information from the 2,571 anonymous young people who used its Jigsaw service last year.

Jigsaw provides direct prevention and early intervention mental-health support to people between 12 and 25.

One in six people who presented to Jigsaw in 2013 reported anxiety, tension, worry while 10 per cent expressed feelings of depression.

Anger issues were reported in 11 per cent of cases; 10 per cent of young people presented with family problems; while isolation from others and withdrawal were factors in another 10 per cent of cases with some reporting multiple issues.

Analysis found that 89 per cent of people presenting to Jigsaw had clinical levels of psychological distress. However, more than two-thirds of 12- to 16-year-olds and 85 per cent of 17- to 25-year-olds showed a reduction in psychological distress after receiving support.

The Jigsaw programme, which Headstrong operates in conjunction with the HSE and other partners, provides access to youth-friendly, integrated mental-health support in 10 locations nationwide.

Clients meet with a member of a clinical team who determines what level of support they need.

Jigsaw is in Donegal, Galway, Kerry, Meath, Offaly, Roscommon and in several locations in Dublin