One in 10 Irish drivers illegally use their mobile phone while driving

Research of mobile phone use by Irish drivers, carried out by motoring solutions specialists, easytrip, has revealed that a significant number of motorist are violating mobile phone road traffic regulations, with more than 10% of drivers continuing to put their lives, and others, at risk by using their hand-held phones whilst driving.  The research, which involved monitoring more than 1,000 vehicles during peak commute times, produced some alarming findings. Of the 10% of motorists who were observed breaking the law in relation to mobile phone use:

53% were texting / checking their mobile phone while driving or stationary at traffic lights
48% were speaking on their hand-held phone whilst driving or waiting in traffic

There was a clear distinction between male and female drivers’ habits in the sample monitored, with more males (63%) than females (37%) observed breaking the law. The most common violation for males was talking on their hand-held mobile phone while driving (41%) whereas the most prevalent for women was checking or texting on their mobile phone while stopped at traffic lights (39%).texting_2161419b