Donegal Live Register figures down on July ’13, but up on the previous month

The number signing on the live register in July has shown an increase on on the figure for June.

There were 20,106 people on the register in Donegal last month, 300 up on the previous month, but 1,600 down on the same time last year.

There were some significant increases in those signing on in some areas from June to July this year.

In Letterkenny, the number on the register rose by 144 to over 6000 - in the Finn Valley area the increase was 47 to 2689 while in Inishowen those signing on grew by 32 to 3,966.

An icrease of 69 was recorded in Dungloe bringning the number signing on back over 2,000.

There was a fall across the county in the year to July 2014 - last months total was 20,106 down 1,613.

While some will point to job creation for the drop, other suggest it is as a result of imigration or government schemes such as Jobsbridge.LiveRegister1