Energy Regulator proposes water charge of .49 per litre


Water from your tap is going to cost you just under half a cent a litre - meaning you'll pay around 24 cents for a quick shower.

The Commission for Energy Regulation has published its proposed water charges - which will be around 176 euro for a household with one adult - rising by 102 euro per extra adult - where the house gets water in and water out.

Metered rates are 4 euro 88 cents per thousand litres for water and wastewater services.

Households with septic tanks that don't need wastewater services will pay half - or 2.44 per 1000 litres.

Where water is unfit for human consumption - affected customers will still have to pay - but they'll get a 50 percent reduction during the disruption to their service - and a 100% reduction if the disruption lasts more than 3 months.

Customers with specific medical conditions that need extra water will have their charges capped.