Lily Allen’s ‘fake arrest’ pic pulled after it lands officers in hot water



Police in Australia have launched an internal investigation after Lily Allen posted a photo of herself being handcuffed by officers. It was a fake arrest.

The singer asked one of the officers to stage the 'arrest' ahead of her performance at a festival near Byron Bay.

An image of her kneeling on the ground, head bowed and handcuffed was then put on Instagram and Twitter.

Channel 9 correspondent Carrie-Anne Greenbank on Queensland's Gold Coast said: "The police were tasked with escorting her in safety to her car. On that short journey to her car, she somehow convinced them to be involved in a prank with her. They staged a fake arrest.

"The photo quickly gained a following on twitter and instagram. She soon pulled the photo after it stirred controversy. Police officers said the officers had breached strict protocol and (the officers) would be under review."

She added police sources said the incident would be likely to result in a "slap on the wrist" for the officers involved.