Collabro star Jamie Lambert opens up about sexuality



Collabro star Jamie Lambert has opened up about his sexuality in a new interview.

The singer, part of this year's Britain's Got Talent-winning group, told The Sun that he has never tried to hide the fact that he is gay.

"No-one asked," he said. "I have nothing to hide from anybody. I think it's really important that all gay people in the public eye just talk about it. The more that happens, the more normal it becomes.

"I remember when Stephen Gately from Boyzone came out and it was a really massive deal. But I think nowadays it's about being comfortable in your own skin and comfortable with who you fall in love with. It doesn't make a difference whether it's with a man or a woman."

Lambert also revealed that the rest of Collabro know about his sexuality and have been supportive, and pointed out that being gay is "only an aspect" of who he is.

"It's not all of who I am," he said. "I would hate for people to see me as 'the gay one', rather than the one who sings that line."

Collabro signed a deal with Simon Cowell's record label Syco shortly after winning Britain's Got Talent and will release their debut album Stars on July 28. They will also go on tour around the country next year with their Britain's Got Talent co-star Lucy Kay.