Calls from former Donegal senior planner into alleged planning irregularities backed by Sinn Fein

Former Donegal senior planner, Gerard Convie
Former Donegal senior planner, Gerard Convie

A Sinn Fein TD is backing calls from a former senior planner in Donegal for a further investigation into claims of alleged planning irregularities in County Donegal.

Gerard Convie has a dossier of 20 sample cases which show alleged improprieties.

In the High Court, Mr Convie previously successfully challenged the findings of a report on planning in Ireland which found there were no planning irregularities in Donegal - the report's section on the county was quashed.

The matter has been referred to the Attorney General to exam the claims of Mr Convie - Sinn Fein TD Brian Stanley says there is a strong argument for a full independent investigation into planning in Donegal: