Talks taking place to try and salvage Garth Brooks concerts

garth_brooksTalks are taking place today between Dublin City Manager, the city's Lord Mayor and the Chief Executive of the Labour Relations Commission in a last ditch effort to salvage all five Garth Brooks' Croke Park concerts.

It comes after the Taoiseach intervened last night and urged all key players to come up with a solution to the controversy, which has made headlines all over the world.

Residents in Ballybough have also contacted the US Embassy asking if the US President could contact Mr. Brooks and convince him to perform at Croke Park.

Enda Kenny has ruled out introducing emergency legislation - so now political pressure is mounting on Dublin City Manager Owen Keegen to reverse the decision not to allow all five concerts to go ahead.

Dublin's Lord Mayor Christy Burke says there's still a possibility Mr. Keegan could review the conditions of the licensing agreement...