Garth Brooks offers to beg Taoiseach to let 5 gigs go ahead

Garth Brooks 2Garth Brooks says if the Taoiseach wants to talk to him, he would crawl, swim, or fly over this weekend, sit in front of him, or drop on his knees and beg, to try and get go ahead for 5 concerts.

In a live press conference , the singer said he doesn't have a clue how we got here.

He blamed the system - and claimed he was the real loser in this.

Meanwhile, talks are continuing this evening in Dublin to try to resolve the row over the concerts at Croke Park.

The Chief Executive of Dublin City Council Owen Keegan is meeting with Peter Aiken of Aiken promotions to try to figure out if the gigs can be salvaged.

It's after the Taoiseach Enda Kenny urged the parties involved to try to negotiate a resolution.

The meeting comes as residents of Croke Park say they are willing to facilitate the gigs.