Mother of 18 year old shot five times in Derry

Gareth Fisher - CopyA Derry mother has said she is shocked and angry after her 18-year-old son was shot five times in the legs. Gareth Fisher was the victim of a paramilitary style attack on Thursday night, in the Rathlin Drive area of Creggan. He was shot twice in his left leg and three times in his right leg and was taken to Altnagalvin Hospital for treatment.  Alicia Fisher said those who carried out the attack were "disgusting". "These people call themselves republicans. Republicans in my mind look after their community, they look after the people in it. "These are bullies with guns. That is all they are. Either do as they want or nothing at all. They're shocking, disgusting. I can't even find a word to describe them." She said she did not know why the attack happened and neither did her son. "Gareth doesn't have a clue why this happened. Everybody's upset, nobody can even think straight. "I just hope he comes out of it grand. He was definitely afraid. All I seen was the fear in his face." She added: "I was angry, really angry that someone has hurt my child in that way. "It shouldn't happen. These days are long gone, it's peace we want. "

Alicia Fisher, joins the Shaun Doherty Show to discuss the attack on her son.