Harrison Ford Injured On Set Of Star Wars Movie

harrison ford

Hollywood star Harrison Ford is recovering in hospital after being injured on the set of the latest Star Wars movie in Buckinghamshire. The 71-year-old - who plays Han Solo is believed to have broken his ankle when a hydraulic door of the legendary spaceship the Millennium Falcon apparently fell on him.  t is unclear how long it will take Mr Ford to recover, but a spokesman for the movie, Star Wars: Episode VII, insisted that the accident would not delay the release of the film.  The Health And Safety Executive are making preliminary enquiries into the accident, and it is believed that the Pinewood set will also be re-checked for safety issues. It is not the first time that injuries have disrupted Ford's filming plans. He suffered a back injury while shooting the 1984 movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, and required an operation. The director Steven Spielberg continued filming, getting Vic Armstrong, a British-born stuntman who looked so like Mr Ford that members of the crew constantly confused the two, to be a stand-in for some scenes.