Census results for both sides of the border published for first time

censusFor the first time, the statistics agencies on both sides of the border have published comprehensive census results for both parts of the island of Ireland in a single report.

The report brings together analysis across a range of topics in areas such as demographics, households, place of birth, religion, health, housing and travel.

The total population of the island of Ireland in 2011 stood at 6.4 million, comprising 4.6 million persons in the republic and 1.8 million in the North.

In the Republic, the average age of the population was 34, the lowest of any EU Member State. The average in Northern Ireland, while 3 years higher at 37, was also considerably lower than the EU average of 41.

Protestants and Other Christians represented 42 per cent of the population of Northern Ireland while Catholics accounted for 41 per cent, with the remainder made up mainly of those with no religion or not stated. In the Republic, the Catholic religion dominated with 84 per cent of the population while those with no religion made up 5.9 per cent.

The results show that a total of 14,800 persons regularly commuted between the two jurisdictions for work or study, with 6,500 from North to South, and 8,300 travelling in the other direction.