Should you answer work emails from home?

email out of office

Research shows that over 60% of employers expect their workers to answer e-mails from home. The survey, which was carried out by Fastnet Recruitment, also revealed that almost three quarters of the working population think that technology has a negative impact on work-life balance, 82% of bosses said it was disruptive compared to 68% of employees. More than eight out of ten employees said that remote email access contributes to longer working hours. Fastnet managing director Niamh O’Driscoll said that the increasing use of smartphones “means that people are constantly connected, whether in or out of the office and indeed outside office hours”. “Clearly there is a balance to be struck here. Ireland is lucky enough to be home to a large number of highly successful multinational firms and there is no doubt that the flexibility of our workforce and ease of doing business here has consistently influenced positive FDI decisions.”added O'Driscoll.