Gifts For Teachers As School Year Ends

teachingIf you're the mother of a primary school child, chances are you're thinking about buying a thank-you present for their teacher as another school year ends. But, before you splash the cash, it's worth bearing in mind that for many teachers a home-made gift or card is worth its weight in gold.Some schools have even banned the practice of giving gifts to teachers entirely to ease the financial pressures on parents. While a number of schools have a policy on gifts, the vast majority do not, leaving it up to parents to use their own discretion. So how much is too much or, worse, too little? Give too much and you can look flash and extravagant. Give too little and you may be out of sync with everyone else. And are you giving in genuine appreciation of the time and effort put in by your child's teacher or are you giving because everyone else is and you don't want your child to stand out? Shaun is joined by INTO spokesman Peter Mullan who is urging parents to be aware of clever marketing campaigns at this time of year with 'presents for teachers' ideas. "These are commercial campaigns run by shops and retailers to sell their products. They are not supported by schools and teachers, many of whom have actively requested that parents not buy such gifts," he says.