Deputy Pringle calls on IFI to step back in Gweebarra River dispute

Gweebarra RiverDonegal South West Deputy Thomas Pringle is urging Inland Fisheries Ireland to take a step back following a heated altercation between IFI officials and local anglers at the Gweebarra River.

He says this incident is reflective of the bad feeling over a number of years between the Donegal Game Angling Federation and the IFI regarding the dispute over €50 per day IFI permits which are the subject of an ongoing dispute in the courts.

After a morning spent fishing on the Mayo Pool last Sunday, members of the Fintown Angling Club and the Rosses Angling Club, were confronted by IFI staff and asked to produce their permits.

The situation then escalated requiring involvement by the Gardaí.

Deputy Pringle says he would call on the IFI to respectfully back away while the issue of the permits is before the courts................