Confrontation between anglers and IFI on Gweebarra River

Gweebarra RiverThe was a further development in the ongoing Gweebara fishery dispute yesterday when a group of local anglers were in confrontation with members of Inland Fisheries Ireland.

It is reported in today's Donegal News that Gardai had to be called when a group of local anglers, who were fishing at the 'Mayo Pool' near Doochary, were confronted by the IFI around lunchtime.

The situation escalated when those fishing were asked to produce €50 per day IFI permits which are the subject of ongoing dispute in the courts.

Members of the Fintown Angling Club and the Rosses Angling Club, under the umbrella of the Donegal Game Angling Federation have been involved in a long running and bitter dispute with inland Fisheries Ireland over fishing rights on the Gweebara.